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Price Estimation

Price estimation and insurance eligibility software is utilized to evaluate historical charging patterns, current pricing, payer allowables and the patient’s insurance plan benefits against the anticipated or scheduled service to be provided to the patient.  The co-pay, deductibles and coinsurance are applied to the allowable to estimate the patient’s out-of-pocket responsibility.

The patient is provided with a verbal explanation of the price estimate.  A consumer-friendly written summary of the estimate is mailed or offered to the patient in person.  

General Price Information & Requests

Complete lists of all standard prices per facility are available at the links below.  In addition, we have provided lists of the average standard prices per Diagnosis-Related Grouping (DRG), which are based on the standard prices charged in the previous fiscal year for each DRG averaged across all cases then inflated by the current year’s overall rate increase. These lists are in a machine-readable format to comply with federal requirements.

The total price for a particular procedure or episode of care varies depending on the specific services provided as well as the degree of complexity and/or specific condition of the patient.  Patients’ out-of-pocket expense also varies depending on their insurance coverage and benefits. 

The price lists will be updated at least annually.  While most pricing changes occur in October, all prices are subject to change as needed.  In particular, pricing for services that require the use of supplies and pharmaceuticals may change more frequently as these items are based on the cost to purchase.

Other general price requests may be referred to a financial counselor at the number and/or email indicated above in Section 1.  Inquiries that do not request an estimate for a specified service(s), or that are made by the Media or other outside parties will be referred to CoxHealth Corporate Communications or the appropriate party for review including, without limitation:  Revenue Cycle, Legal and Corporate Integrity Departments and CoxHealth Chief Financial Officer.  

Please allow 30 days for a request to be processed.  

COVID Test Pricing


Pricing Estimate Requests

Make a Media Request

Call CoxHealth Corporate Communications:

Request an Estimate of Neurosurgery Services


Request an Estimate of Physician Services

Submit a request in writing:

Attn: Financial Counselor

Ferrell-Duncan Clinic

PO Box 9007

Springfield, MO 65808



Request an Estimate of Hospital Services — Branson

Send an email:

Submit a request in person:
At the point of registration

Submit a request in writing:
Attn: Financial Counselors
Cox Medical Center
P.O. Box 650
Branson, MO 65615


Request an Estimate of Hospital Services — Springfield



Request an Estimate of Hospital Services — Monett



Request an Estimate of Hospital Services — Barton County