Brian's Journey

I reached a point in my life where I needed to become a little selfish and do something for myself. I went on this journey for me.

Dawnata's Journey

I was almost 40 and feeling like a prisoner in my own body. With the encouragement of a good friend, I began the Journeys program.

Kristie’s Journey

I'd let health and fitness take a back seat to other obligations. Then I realized I needed to take care of myself, too.

LeAnn's Journey

After having two children and living a relatively sedentary lifestyle, I’d reached my heaviest weight. I became determined to change my life.

Skip's Journey

I struggled with weight for years, but the two or three years before I started the program, things became progressively worse.

Kella Lee's Journey

I’ve struggled with weight my entire life and I didn’t want my kids to have that problem, too. 

Mary Sue's Journey

I wasn’t losing any weight and was referred to the Journeys from Home program. I didn’t know what I was getting into, but I made a commitment to c…

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